quarta-feira, 2 de abril de 2014

Joseph, GO TO HELL !!

It pains me a lot, Joseph, believe me. Attacking you, I mean. I read most of your papers, even your books! And Stiglitz and Weiss changed my life forever...

But I cannot let you go unpunished. In your last Project Syndicate article, you wrote:

Liberalization of deposit rates led to America’s savings and loan crisis in the 1980’s (link aqui)

This was cheap, boss. You see the irony of it, Joseph? In an article about China, you arguing against deposit rates liberalization? It was the chinese government´s decision to repress deposit rates that created the shadow banking problem, Joseph! Hey, wake up!

The 1980 crisis was due to MH, true. But you think it is welfare-improving to repress deposits, thus hindering competition amongst banks? Cant believe you think this is good -- and this is why I am really angry with you.


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  1. Todo mundo tem prazo de validade. Samuelson e Friedman falaram coisas pavorosas quando velhos.

  2. you don't know the ideological agenda behind project syndicate and the soros gang?

  3. "Anônimo", enlighten us, please.

  4. Eu prefiro ao João César das Neves:


  5. Hope he's reading the blog right now... Oh, wait!

  6. "aqui"?. What is "aqui". I do not understand. Could you be more clear about this?



  7. ele falou da liberalizacao das taxas dos depositos mas nao foi exatamente restricoes nos depositos americanos que turbinaram o mercado off shore? ou seja quando o governo resouveu intervir nesse mercado criou outro problema?

    Economista X linha