sexta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2014

The prejudice wave

Are you happy, Santana? I am talking to you, you schemming cunning irresponsible dumbass!

Of course, PT has not invented prejudice against poor people from the north part of Brazil. But in this campaign, PT has irresponsibly promoted the "Us vs. Them"idea, has insuflated class warfare by posing as the ultimate poor´s people advocate against the so-called elites. There is a cost to pay now, Dilma, for running a sordid campaign.

PT has nurtured dissentment and of course this strenghtens the political clout of the worst bigoted right-wing scam. We, who oppose Dilma but detest this unscrupulous right, are sad with all this.

It was your fault Dilma-Santana ! I blame you !

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