sexta-feira, 6 de junho de 2014

Jesus, cesg

Boy, i read your piece in The Value EU& today. i liked the final paragraph, boy.
Now, i also read your article in Revista Cult. Fuck, cesg, couldnt they have chosen a different color? Was that your own picking?

Readers of this blog, i am flying to Ukraine now, as a govt special advisor. If i manage to live i will retire soon , and immensely rich.

4 comentários:

  1. If not, you will be retired anyway....Not rich, though

  2. can't get rich. Not before you publish in ecta, AER and the likes at least. That would be a betrayal of everything you were trained for during PhD years. Forget currency, get gold.

  3. Não amola, Antoninho! Boa viagem! Espero que os ucranianos não te tomem como espião russo, dado sua convivência intima com esses nacionais lá em Brookline.

  4. Hilário esse cara querendo dar uma de "Nigga".