sexta-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2013

Evolutionary murderness

This week I read in Paul Seabright book.

There is ample evidence that hunter gatherers were extremely violent. Seabright argues a pro-murder gene was highly beneficial (in terms of reproductive capacity) back then, mainly as apes became more intelligent. Here is why: two stupid lions or deers fighting for a female or a territory do little physical damage to each other ( u can see this in discovery channel). The weaker quickly acknowledges his inferior conditions, leaves and DOES NOT RETURN.
Now, a shrewd ape could easily quit the fight only to later sneakly return and impregnate the winner's female. That being the case, killing him would entail a good reproductive benefit.
And hence the murder gene passed on...

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  1. gostei dessa historinha aí!
    qual livro é esse, X?

  2. o CESG estar trabalhando para o governo fez o blog amenizar o tom ácido ?

  3. It's deer, not deers...