sábado, 11 de janeiro de 2014


I have all figured out. It will be like this:

growth = 2%

inflation= 6%

Selic = 10.5%

FPS (the real one) = 1% of GDP

FX = 2.53 in december

C.A deficit = 2.9% (because of poor growth and FX depreciation)

Dilma is reelected, and then the same figures hold for 2015-2018 (on average)

See you all in 2019, if I manage to live until there

ps. I left Brookline, and am currently living in NY at 43th, I work in the financial sector, I do algo_trade in Yens

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  1. agora sim eu entendi pq o Antoninho sempre reclama dos posts dos outros...

    isso sim é post! parabens, antoninho!

  2. What about Mantega? Is he staying after the elections?

  3. Mudando um pouco de assunto,

    Dudu lindão na folha, hein?