quinta-feira, 10 de julho de 2014

Um olhar "gringo" sobre a derrota brasileira

Interessante ver a reação dos estrangeiros sobre a derrota brasileira para a Alemanha. Segue uma coleção de comentários populares ao artigo sobre o jogo na BBC:

"The most impressive thing about this German side?
Not Klose becoming top scorer....
Not the clinical finishing.....
Not the incredible football which made Brazil look ordinary.
It was their reaction in the last 10 minutes when they conceded. The game was won an hour ago but they were FURIOUS at losing their clean sheet.
Professionalism personified."

"Mourinho may have done the deal of the century selling David Luiz to PSG for £50 million. Was at fault for some of the goals, made dangerous tackles and constantly elbowed the German players in the face all night. What an abysmal player."

"At least England fans generally know we are mediocre and the group stage exit wasn't a huge surprise. Everyone (mainly the BBC) had been hyping up Brazil, saying it was their 'destiny' to win the World Cup on home soil, despite their cynical, dirty play and not much else. It's like finally, Germany served some natural justice. Brazil were a fraud, and never worthy of an semi-final spot."

No mega media stars
No self-aggrandizing, self-appointed fashion icons with stupid haircuts
No prima donnas
No stupid, undignified dancing celebrations
No self-mutilating, tattoo festooned look-at-me idiots
No diving or fouling (... well maybe some)
Just a good team"

"Brazil have been absolutely rubbish all tournament. They act like a bunch of prima donnas but have done absolutely nothing to back all that nonsense up. They walked into the World Cup thinking that they had already won and have been completely humiliated as a result. They've let their country down and only have themselves to blame. I hope Germany win, great team, great country."

"Not entirely sure how Germany managed to beat Brazil. All the Brazil players passionately sung their anthem, whereas half of the Germans didn't bother singing at all. Perhaps it has more to do with ability and tactics after all."

"The biggest shock is how so many journalists are now - now! - telling us how rubbish this Brazil team were. A lot of us have been saying that since the Confed cup last year. Despite winning, that tournament showed (most of us, but not the journalists!) how poor Brazil now were."

"Brazil were undeserving of a semi-final place and karma has finally caught up with them. The referee was also very generous not to send David Luiz off for more elbowing and not to book Hulk, Oscar and Maicon for embarrassing dives. If there is such a thing as the opposite of captain's performance then Luiz displayed it last night! You don't get much for £40m these days..."

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