quinta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2014

Economist X passed yesterday

Friends, it is true. He is dead now, my old chap X...didnt believe in god, but probably went to Heaven anyway. It was a heart attack that took him from us. He read that Dilma Roussef dismissed plans of fiscal tightening as something unimportant and couldnt bear it. His heart was fragile since Brazil lost to Germany, 7-1, and was in and out of hospitals because couldnt avoid reading the economic news -- as his doctor had prescribed. The recent rise of Dilma in the polls only made things more difficult for him.

Let´s honor the spirit of our friend X, let´s fight for all he stood for, beginning with a decent fiscal policy. 

We will miss you, X. Wherever you are, buddy, pray for us Brazilians -- we desperately need some divine help. 

2 comentários:

  1. C'mon! By being a superhuman or superhero or super-whatever, sooner or later we will see the Resurrection of X. The question is: what about the Brazilian Growth? Could this be resurrected? Maybe the Super Butter can shed some light on it.

  2. O economista X era tipo a velhinha de Taubaté...