quarta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2013

I am writting a book w/ CESG

One of our dearest readers complained about my absence. I want to explain my lack of commitment. No joking: me and CESG (the correct would be CESG and I), we are writting a book on economics.
It will be launched june next year by Saraiva. Since CESG is a bit lazzy, this is really taxing my time. Oh, forgot to say: the book is intended for students in all areas and for non-economists too. It entails macro, micro and financial economics concepts.

Bye now,

A de B.

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  1. Thanks Bro, but you need to go back to teaching economics for all this fags

  2. Aproveitando o tópico de livros:

    Professores, além de assistir as aulas meteóricas do Cadu, FK, Mauro, Nakane e outros na FEA, quais livros um aluno deve ler para se tornar um bom economista e preparar-se para se tornar um economista PIKA no futuro ?

    1. Try this one: http://mitpress.mit.edu/books/open-economy-macroeconomics-developing-countries

    2. Sei que a resposta pode não ser boa, mas o que é um economista PIKA?

  3. Value and Capital;
    Reeinventing the Bazaar;
    Wooldrige da graduacao;
    Saving capitalism from the capitalists;
    Thinking strategically;
    Basic Economics;

  4. http://www.amazon.com/The-Economics-Anti-Textbook-Critical-Microeconomics/dp/1842779397

  5. It is "CESG and I", ignorant twat.

    Quanto o Antoninho deve pagar por causar essa externalidade negativa sobre aqueles que estão aprendendo inglês?

  6. Fuck u, man. I grew up poor, learned english the hard way. My grammar is shit, i know that. But the russians here in MA, USA, understand me perfectly all right
    Man, twat is not in the dictionary i have here under the counter. But it sounds like sth bad, man. Not cool, not cool.