terça-feira, 8 de outubro de 2013


I am sort of tired of this Blog; people here are annoying, do not listen, are too proud to learn  from someone as intelligent, smart and sharp as I am.

I will go to USA, MA, to visit Antoninho, reread Salinger and get some rest.

Heard FK is also close by, and since he is a good boy, I will pay him a visit at Harvard.

Bye fags, you are free to write your bullshit here unimpeded. Society will be in harms way without me, but my efforts have been fruitless anyway. So it makes little difference.

Be back in 2014, maybe

10 comentários:

  1. hey super hiper ultra dynamics trade jme fag,

    GO TO HELL !!!

    Getting into the plane, doors closing, bye, read "Capital and Value" and try to learn sth useful, fag.


  2. Someone finally talked some sense into you. That is your best post X. You will be dearly missed X..haha, no, you won´t. Im just mécin uíf iú

  3. X, sentirei sua falta, falando sério. Seus posts são os melhores. Volte logo.

  4. voce é economista do Grupo EBX ? ta fugindo né?

  5. Não...o blog cai muito. O professor Mauro é bom para dar aulas de economia, mas para escrever em um blog que atraia atenção, é chato como a potassa!

    Desculpa professor.

  6. Wtf is potassa?

    E não entendi o "desculpa".